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Field Coat Nostalgia

In the late ’80s and ’90s, field coats ruled the casual heritage market (before heritage had a name). Affordable, stylish, canvas duck options (heavily pocketed and trimmed in fine wale corduroy) could be found through LL Bean, JCrew, and a slew of lesser known,  hunting supply catalogs (including Cabela’s, which was much less the sprayfoam mall behoumeth it is today). I was always partial to the wool lined Bean model (which merited the “vintage” tag if you inherited one of the earlier, short cut, solid melton wool lined models from you pop).  I ended up with a socialized ’90s edition if the Bean Field Coat which had clearly given up the ghost of pocketing any rusty barn nails or a bloody ducks. Friends in grad school came to the style through the rebadged and semi ubiquitous “barn coats” sold through Jcrew (in mustards and tomato reds). We’re so deep into a denim decade right now that it’s hard to imagine an era when canvas duck ruled as the casual jacket fabric du jour. Could we see its corduroy trimmed return in 2020?

Jcrew edition

Special Hunting World model. Wondering who made it?

2 thoughts on “Field Coat Nostalgia”

  1. I found one of the old made in usa bean models on etsy 3 years ago in a small petite. It was 25 dollars well spent, I wear three seasons out of the year.

  2. I had the wool-lined version purchased somewhere around 1983. I loved that coat dearly; it was my constant companion until I left in a closet in an apartment and it dissapeared… I still miss it.

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