Filson News: Semi-Annual Sale (July 2009)

Here’s a chance to get a few Filson items that will most likely be disappearing from view (in my mind, Filson sale equals discontinued fabrics, colors and styles). No items from the women’s collection seem to be on offer. Should I be concerned that the sale follows on the heels of rare 20% discount to “loyal” customers (semi unheard of in Filson-landia). Main score for folks willing to buy long pants in July: 39.oo Shelter cloth fabric pants (see below).

Reversible packer (blaze orange in the workplace)

Foul Weather Jacket (out with Navy)

Broadweave Western shirt (end of a stylistic experiment)

Original wool shirt (extra long)

Full Zip Sweater (made in USA)

Shelter cloth pants for 39.00 (death knell pricing)
Chukkas & boots (new vendor coming soon)

And a periodic submission to the retail category Why was it made?

7 thoughts on “Filson News: Semi-Annual Sale (July 2009)”

  1. Arg, they’ve already sold out of the highlander boots in my size. 🙁

    I’m going to stop by the store in Seattle to see if they have any left.

  2. When you go in, get the scoop on the new footwear vendor (curious when the transition take place). Maybe one of the flagship stores (Portland?) will have some Highlanders (old vendor) in stock they could sell to you at “semi-annual” sale price.

    Still waiting for footwear for women. Maybe in 2011?

    I always liked the Filson loafers (which had a super brief shelf life).

  3. I bought three pair of their boots at Powderhorn in Bozeman a few years back. They were convinced that Filson would be switching vendors- and were selling all their Filson footwear for 50% off. Cranes in Missouri (they used to sell Filson for 35% off, everyday!) said the same thing. I was mighty disheartened when they started having their clothes made in China. Still, I’d buy another cruiser if I didn’t live where it was 100 degrees eight months of the year.

  4. V–

    Filson did change footwear vendors several years ago (from Weinbrenner to Cove). I understand that they’re switching again. Not sure why. I still think Redwing should do a Filson heritage line (the Redwing boots at the Portland flagship store match the Filson garments much better than Filson’s own footwear).

    You could always go with a Filson safari jacket for the Texas heat. I’m contemplating one for myself though I’m not sure a short person should wear epaulets.

  5. Yes, I understand that the item in question is a draftsman weight. But my question: why would Filson, a venerable outdoor clothing company, include a paperweight in its collection? Why was it made?

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