Footwear News: CC Filson

Info for CC Filson fanbase only (others outclick now): Weinbrenner USA, the original, highly regarded vendor has discontinued manufacturing shoes for CC Filson (or did so earlier in the year). No word yet on whether Weinbrenner will introduce their own line of Filson inspired footwear (if so–women’s sizes, please!).

Current Filson contract is going to Cove Shoe Co., a serious looking outfit specializing in some pretty intense looking footwear for law enforcement, EMS and mining applications (w/enormous crossover fashion appeal–note: unusual rubberized “tigertip” on the men’s and women’s mining boots. Very kicky!). The company website locates Cove Shoe Co. in a “quaint” Pennsylvania town but two seconds with the company’s splash page suggests that it might actually be based in a more infernal locale (an unfair accusation, I should add, since the company’s “About” page indicates that Cove has been making high quality “private label and branded” footwear in the US for 60 years).

Not sure what any of this amounts to save for the fact that Filson should hire me to scoop corporate gossip and/or continue to contract out product development to the last few remaining companies manufacturing footwear/garments/accessories in the USA.

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