From the Archives: Barbour 1998/99

Oilskins and black waxed cotton

Long and short cuts



90s knitwear

New Barbour gent

In case you missed it, here are some product offerings from the Winter 1998/Spring 1999 Barbour catalog. In the day, these catalogs were the best means of tracking new Barbour releases (beyond the stock range of Bedales, Beauforts and Borders). Many of the more exotic items–moleskin and Bushman jackets–never made it to (my corner of the) US. So, it was always fun to see non-stock Barbour items in cameo catalog form.

Barbour’s newfound focus on youthful/urban/non-country clothing gave rise to a few unfortunate (though brief) additions to their product range:

Vintage in ten years?

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