From the Archives – Beretta Maremmana Jacket

Complex pocketing champ
Rare feature – rear down zipper for ease of movement 

Fine details – internal drip strip, tab collar, internal pocketing
Best quality Duca Visconti di Modrone cotton corduroy
Favorite feature – braces for carrying jacket in warmer temps

I’m a huge fan of Italiana Maremmana style ranching or hunting jackets.  Beretta is the only sportswear company I know still producing this style of garment.  Here’s a jacket from my collection that is no longer in production (Beretta is only making the jacket in Moleskin). Alongside the Filson Upland Jacket and the Barbour Beaufort, the Beretta Maremanna is a masterpiece of pocketing.  The jacket sports hand warmer pockets, buttoned shell pockets, game pockets and a rear carrying pocket.  It even comes with a rear zip-down pocket on the back which can be opened for ease of movement (when the pockets are full of game and shells, I’m assuming). If you have any photographs or original print ads featuring non Beretta made Maremannas, please let me know. I’d love to add more images of this rare garment to my historical archives.

3 thoughts on “From the Archives – Beretta Maremmana Jacket”

  1. I have one of these in olive corduroy. It is unfortunately not very well made. The pockets which look like handwarmer pockets don’t actually work–they might be sewn shut, but I’ve never wanted to rip the seam to see, since there is no indication that there is a pocket. The olive lining detached from the bottom hem of the coat within a year and I had to resew every last button on the coat within two years. I love the style, but someone really needs to make a durable version.

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