From the Archives: Cyclo-Sartorialists

Thanks to blogger Jenny Haniver for highlighting another rich online collection of photographs from the Chicago Daily News (by way of the LOC’s American Memory project). On her own blog, Haniver curates a three part collection of “Chicago Winter Sports” photographs from the CDN. I was inspired by Haniver’s posts to do my own keyword search for bicycles and track cyclists from the early twentieth century for repost here.

Further, I’m submitting a photograph of friend Tom in one of my all time favorite cycling ensembles (a candidate for our post-apocalyptic team uniform).

Side note: I love the (portable?) “Chicago Cycling Club” pennant in the penultimate photo. At what point did we lose our connection to identifying pennants, lapel pins and patches? I’d like to see a revival of these sorts of embellishing and cheery (yet cheap!) “club” accessories. Rivendell is the only( bicycle) company I know offering a modern promotional pennant (billed as their “worst selling item of all time”).

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Cyclo-Sartorialists”

  1. These photos are fantastic!
    To add a little color to the fourth photo, that’s Fred Scherer & Walter Wiley from the Caribou Club. In 1913 they were part of a race from New York to San Francisco. More photos and discussion can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/library_of_congress/3201066271/

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