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From the archives: Millarmitts

Millarmitts in Orvis Catalog circa 1968

Here’s a sporty wool knit glove style worth reviving. In my years of browsing outdoor clothing catalogs, I somehow overlooked what’s known as the Millarmitt (modern manufacturers have morphed the “a” to an “e”). According to catalog patter, the gloves are hand crocheted in the UK of silicone treated wool, with slip resistant cotton palms.

Millarmitts offered by Patagonia circa 1975

I understand that the Millarmitt is traditionally popular with technical climbers and fly fisherman. The fingerlessness provides extra dexterity and, even when wet, the wool will keep the hands warm. I’d wear these for cycling or walking the hound. My use of a smart phone makes the fingerlessness extra appealing (no touch screen gloves at Archival).

Made to order Millarmitts from Chester Jeffries

Archival Finder Alan Woods located a modern source for Millarmitts in the UK, Chester Jeffries (a company deserving of its own “shopping from” post). I have not verified that the gloves are still being knit by English women in their own homes.

For more on the history of Millarmitts, see John Crispin’s informative post.

7 thoughts on “From the archives: Millarmitts”

  1. I picked up a pair of those MUJI ones and they’re great. The button is a little dainty and will probably fall off before the winter is through, but they look really good and have a great soft lining.

  2. I always wanted a pair of millar mitts when I was growing up but they were not sold in central Minnesota. By the time I moved to Minneapolis the mitts were long gone. Great post, I am talking myself into buying a pair from England.

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