Guest Baggage: Filson Sling

If you live in the Northwest and you’re a Filson fan, you’ve probably heard stories of people dumpster diving items from the Seattle factory. A Freeman, the source for my original refab Filson report, forwarded me a new set of photos of his wife’s sling bag. The bag is made from tin cloth scrounged from that apocryphal Filson dumpster.

A Freeman reports:

Hi LL– An acquaintance ran a small clothing concern in Seattle a few years ago, and among other projects, he was building bags out of found materials. Lo-and-behold, he “found” a half bolt of waxed tin cloth in Filson’s dumpsters one late night, and was able to produce a very limited number of sling bags from it. Over time it is gaining a beautiful character and is one of my wife’s all-time favorite things.

10 thoughts on “Guest Baggage: Filson Sling”

  1. I briefly stayed in Seattle after “Katrina” and saw the bags at hippo; that bag was $190. Not bad, but way out of line with the rest of their stuff.

  2. i am a die hard filson freak and have stacks of fabrik hardware and such from the dumpster,i make sling bags,vests,mittens,wool hood scarves,wallets and have made an amazing back pack.i like to line the insides of the bags with the tincloth and use the twill for a durable shell,ill work on getting some pictures of some more recent stuff.all hand stiched.good to see more people are utilizing this stuff,id love to share ideas.

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