Johnny Cunningham on Ben Nevis, 1976

A brilliant video shot by Yvon Chouinard for National Geographic. Ben Nevis is a famously nasty chunk of ice and stone in Scotland. We highly endorse the motorcycle and ferry approach, ultralight packing job (it’s a Creag Dubh), confidently classical ice climbing technique, and whisky-oriented finish to the day. We cannot endorse motorcycling and ice climbing without a helmet, although it is admittedly more stylish.

All the snow and wind in New York has got me itching badly to go outside. I’ll be back in Oregon for a week in early January (working on a few top-secret new Archival Clothing products), and will sadly have to content myself with a mere day trip to the mountains.

(this is absolutely worth all 8 minutes)

5 thoughts on “Johnny Cunningham on Ben Nevis, 1976”

  1. Great video indeed, but here’s another vote for wearing a helmet in places where chunks of ice, snow, and rock are falling on your head. Good thing the big icicles at the top of the route stayed in place. Also missing are a rope and ice screws or other protection. Ah, those crazy 70s….

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