Laserdisc Summer

Friend and photog Rick G. invented the idea for summer of film: a season dedicated to shooting traditional 35mm or medium format film cameras. Following Rick’s model, SOF participants stow their digital devices and document summer activity exclusively on roll film. My own experiment with SOF was a semi-failure. Lacking the instant gratification of a digital point and shoot, I took my snaps but mostly stockpiled unprocessed rolls of SOF work. In a few years, if pro labs still exist, I’ll develop the remaining inventory for a follies like review of the summer of 2011.

In keeping with the obsolete media theme of SOF, but making the experiment more sustainable, I’m launching laserdisc summer for 2012. Over the years, I’ve amassed a large collection of discs – via ebay and the closure of a beloved local video institution, Flicks and Pics. In theory, I will be watching all my media this summer via laserdisc (enjoying the delightful, five second pause for the player to flip the disc from side A to B). Here are some highlights of my summer program (not pictured – Terminator 2 and Out of the Past):

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