Mail ordering from the past: Velo Orange Mixte

Ordered frame in April 2007. Final assembly: mid-May 2008. After the Riv wait, year plus one month was relatively easy. Built up as a town/city commuter but I’m already hatching plans to take it out on some late season brevets.

More photos of the bike by Rick Gersbach here

3 thoughts on “Mail ordering from the past: Velo Orange Mixte”

  1. Damn Girl
    When I saw that Lesli L was the owner of that bike on the Velo Orange Log – I thought oh boy I bet it’s Lesli from Oregon. Nice Bike – I need to build up my Colin Laing Mixte frame that I’ve had for several years now.

  2. Glad you like the mixte. It’s such a delightful bicycle–petite yet sporty. You should definitely build up the Colin Laing and bring it out on a brevet. Miss you out on the rides this year. Taking a post PBP break? Come back soon and bring Allison B with you.

  3. Greetings from London Lesli. Thought your selection is wonderful. There are a few companies here that may interest you. Here are some links: http://www.velorution.biz/
    Velorution have a broad selection of Dutch, Danish and German bikes based on traditional lines.
    Brick Lane make bespoke fixed wheel urban bikes. Simple and stylish. Labour and Wait sell traditional household products. They’re friends of Old Town. Pokit make basic suits and have hunting bags in unusual shapes. All good stuff.

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