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Since I was left off the CC Filson clothing council, I’ve been convening my own private focus groups to test and report on fit, finish, style and sizing of the new women’s product line. Last Spring, I issued a general report of the new women’s product line. In my initial report, I commented on the poor fit/sizing of the Filson garments and noted some disappointing design decisions such as some non-functional pocketing (or coin purse pocketing), balloon arm-styling and one way rather than two way zippers. I was optimistic about the debut of the XS size range–hoping that by slightly shrinking the proportions of the garments, Filson would finally produce outdoor clothing for women with a trimmed but not sackcloth (or overly hour-glassed) proportions. Now, I realize the whole point of the product line was to produce hipster jackets for young urban gents. As it turns out, friend Tom, 6’3 and 180 lbs, fits the women’s xs shelter cloth jacket like it was a fashionably shrunken jacket by Wes Anderson’s tailor, Mr. Ned.

5 thoughts on “More Filson for women”

  1. they sell the filson tin cloth jacket’s at stronhold in LA, overwashed and drained of the oil coating to reveal the beautiful faded yellow cotton underneath….though seems like you may need the rain barrier up there.

  2. R.F.T.H.

    Hey. If you get a chance, take some snaps of those jackets. I’d love to see them though I’m not sure i endorse “overwashing” waxed cotton. I much prefer wind and rain action.

  3. It’s Ok, Filson doesn’t fit men either. Unless you’re 5′ 6″ and #230 with real short arms.

    I am none of these things, but somehow still own a couple grand worth of their wool and waxed cotton.

    My taylor, Jae, has been invaluable to me on this front…

  4. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve sunk into tailoring my various Filson shirts, pants and jackets. Several years ago, I started selling off parts of my coat archive on ebay but the market value of the garments was so low given how carved up they were by all the radical alterations (hyper-shortened arms, etc).

    For awhile, I also made use of the Filson customer ordering service before the surcharge rose to 50% above the cost of garment.

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