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New: Archival Rugby Shirt

We love wearing a classic rugby shirt as a casual, durable layer for rough work and play. Our new Archival Rugby Shirt, made just for us by Columbiaknit, can take the toughest treatment. The fabric is a traditional 10 ounce cotton jersey knitted in Portland, Oregon. It is incredibly soft but resilient. We’ve kept all the classic details — a continuously sewn placket, rubber buttons, and a drill cloth collar, but we trimmed up the fit to make for a perfect slim (but not tight) garment. Also, we have created a more refined hemmed sleeve so that it easily transitions to indoor events.

These Rugbys are perfect for wearing unlayered for a pick-up game of soccer or even (Tom’s favorite), rock climbing. The underarm gussets extend your arm’s range of motion.

We are offering our new Archival Rugby in our favorite navy-gray stripe colorway, but will be adding more colors throughout the season. Let us know if you have a historic favorite.

8 thoughts on “New: Archival Rugby Shirt”

  1. I used to play rugby, black shirt, red stripe within a white stripe. Lovely stuff. I’m afraid a horizontal stripe would not flatter me much, these days.

    What are the odds of working with Pointer Brand on a sweet chore coat?

  2. I got a standard fit from their store. The size M is like a tent, and if this is the same fabric, I have no clue how you think it’s soft. The stuff is stiff anf feels like sandpaper out of the bag from the factory. We’ll see after laundering and shrinking it down to (hopefully) near Archival’s size. It would be great since Columbiaknit is made in USA.

  3. Anon–

    The fabric for our Archival Rugby was knitted for us and is not the same as that used for the stock Columbiaknit model. The fit, of course, is done to our specifications and is far more tailored than a standard Cknit rugby. We have also tweaked the basic design, adding underarm gussets, changing the bottom hem and eliminating the knit cuffs.

  4. Hi Lesli, thanks for clarifying for me, it answers many questions that I had in my mind about the differences. I do know that your sizes are much more tailored than the CKI rugby.

  5. Anon and Lesli – To clarify – the standard Columbiaknit rugby does come with underarm gussets.

    As a heads-up, all Columbiaknit fabric is pre-washed and has less than 1% shrinkage. Our fit is taken down nearly an entire size from their stock fit, and considerably altered.

  6. @Vaughn – Pointer brand is pretty tough to get a hold of, we’ve tried! Also, their fits would need some alteration to make them appropriate for us to release. If we do a chore coat it’ll likely be of our own design and manufacture. Stay tuned!

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