New Release: Archival x Steele Basket Tote

For summer, we introduce our new waterproof bottom Archival x Steele Canvas Tote which is perfect for your larger capacity toting needs. It’s our favorite bag for carrying essentials to and from the beach or neighborhood swimming pool.

Steele Canvas Totes are constructed from extra-stout #4 natural canvas duck, undyed to ensure maximum fabric strength. A double bottom in waterproof truck tarp ensures you can set it down in challenging conditions. The structure provided by the rectangular and boxy base of the Tote maximizes its load capacity. Really nice, stiff edges enable the Archival Steele Canvas Tote to stand upright and open for easy loading and unloading. Two reinforced 8″ handles and a practical internal pocket round out the design.

17 x 17 x 10

Made in USA

This release of the tote features the original The Steele Basket stencil from the archives.

Our original Archival report on the venerable Steele Canvas Basket company in Chelsea, MA.

1 thought on “New Release: Archival x Steele Basket Tote”

  1. single best bag i own, get inquiries all the time about it
    any chance you’re bringing it back? love the AC version more than the traditional steele versions they stock

    thanks either way!

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