Not available for retail: Red Wing Lifestyle Heritage Series boots (in sizes smaller than 7)

Spotted these classic looking Red Wing “Gentleman Traveler” boots at Baker’s Boots and Clothing in Eugene, Oregon. The boots are part of the Red Wing Heritage Lifestyle Range. As soon as we saw the boots, Tom and I devised a plan to bank loose quarters in a jar to fund a few pairs (figuring that the slo-motion accrual of small change would be fine since this boot style would most likely stay in the Red Wing product range for years to come). As it turns out, the boots do not come in my size ( smaller than size 7), so I’m preempting my savings plan and disavowing my connection to the heritage lifestyle movement.

Today, both Tom and Eric were wearing great old true-use work boots which pretty much negated their need for future work boot purchases.

Eric’s Red Wing work boots (work well for standing on concrete)

Tom’s Gokey Chukkas (garage sale purchase)

7 thoughts on “Not available for retail: Red Wing Lifestyle Heritage Series boots (in sizes smaller than 7)”

  1. What in the eff were you doing in eugene? You could have helped my with my goats, gotten some work into those workboots. Fo reals.

  2. whoa. please disregard. I thought you were someone else! I thought those feet sounded strangely small. Reckless blogging on my part.

  3. Those look really nice. Sorry they don’t have ’em in your size. Maybe Red Wing will do some custom for you. Do they sell your size in JP? I know of a good proxy…

  4. ACL–

    I’m definitely going to try to hunt a pair of these down in my size (through constant petitions to RW or through the Japanese market). Let me know about your proxy service recommendations…

    Not sure RW does custom fittings..

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