Oregon Manifest Fashions

Sample views of velo-themed menswear seen at the Oregon Manifest handbuilt bicycle show. I should have forged some faux Sartorialist press credentials and requested that people actualy pose for me. My kid pix digital camera w/five second flash delay did not inspire confident spy shot photography. One look (not pictured) appeared to have been art directed for an editorial spread in the Thursday Styles section of the New York Times: fedora hat paired with blue blazer, knickerized trousers and Sidi cycling shoes (I’m imagining a new trend of Sidi shoes doubling as work shoes–even for the non-cyclist).

Not much to speak of in the way of female cycling fashions save for the typical embellishing accessories of raingear, caps and bags (Lemolo!).

Spotted lots of roll-top Chrome messenger bags in shades of grey and black. This bag is one of those accessory items I’ve come to admire (for the metal hardware, rolltop design and generous pocketing) but will most likely never own.

Natty gents from another flickr photostream.

Fellow on left wins top manifest fashion award for his sockless clog and red suspenders look.

Friend Eric of Winter Bicycles offered the best caps of the show created by Portland craft artist Paula Deer. Eric’s bikes were lovely as well.

2 thoughts on “Oregon Manifest Fashions”

  1. Sidi did flirt with the idea of a casual/ shop shoe that mated their famous upper with a walkable sole soft rubber lower. That was 2004? Not sure if they ever made it past Inter/ Euro bikes.

    If folks are interested, I’ll have a few hats available via the blog.

  2. Thats my friend Jaimie in the red suspenders! He just built a sink stand for my new house. He was wearing on of those 1940’s mad scientist double breasted labcoats when he installed it.

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