PDX to Glacier 1000k

6 days until my PDX to Glacier 1000k brevet. I’ve been training for this ride since an “interested riders” registration form popped up on the OR randonneurs page back in January. For some reason, I now seem to be the only party among my Eugene biking buddies still motivated and ready to participate (at the beginning of Spring, one friend grandly proposed that we ride to and from the event, by bike, from Eugene). Since I’m not doing Paris-Brest-Paris, and the Centralia Poor Man’s PBP is an iffy prospect(August heat, blech!), the PDX-Glacier 1000k looks to stand in as my milestone ride for the year.

Although I qualified for the Glacier ride several weeks ago, I’m still a little anxious about my ability to complete the event within the time limit. I know my legs will hold up (thanks to friend Erin’s Rocky TM gym training regimen). However, I remain concerned about three non-fitness related obstacles: heat (we’ll be riding along the Columbia Gorge into summer heated E. Washinton, Idaho and Montana), lack of sleep (ride must be completed in 75 hours so sleep breaks must be kept to a minimum) and foremost, proper nutrition (there seems to be few quality food services between Troutdale and Glacier and my own “carry on” cuisine will probably only stretch into early Day 2). Poking around on other rando blogs, I’ve discovered, to my fright, that many riders are preparing to subsist on “meal kits” of water dissolved powders, bars and gels. Since I cannot stomache the thought of food whose form does not somehow resemble its flavor, or food whose flavor is determined by its color, I plan to stick to simpler, rookie randonneuse fuels like bananas, PBJ sandwiches, PayDay bars, my special nut mix, minimart coffee slop (black coffee mixed with push button hot cocoa) and the all mighty little debbie snack cookie.

If you’re awake and alive next weekend, June 30 through July 3, think of me and eat something fresh, organic, tasty, chilled, savory or green. Or take a nice fifteen minute power nap.

Tonight’s prep: I need to doublecheck all the screws and bolts on my bike since it was rattled pretty badly this past weekend on Jack’s pre-ride, 200k gravel brevet.

Sample “meal kit” (courtesy of Ready to Ride):

And a provocative counter-example by a wise PBP veteran and PDX bike messenger, Joel Metz:

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  1. honestly, it doesn’t get better than little debbie oatmeal creme pies. it just doesn’t.

    advice from alpine climbers: only bring food that you reall really like, regardless of weight. you’ll need to keep eating, even if you lose appetite from odd hours or intense heat. so you need to have foods on hand that will be thoroughly appetizing.

    why not do a gourmet brevet? i see a handlebar bag that unfolds into a proper chuck wagon, complete with cowboy coffee and sizzling slabs of bacon. or perhaps a discrete wicker basket that holds baguettes, truffle oil, capers, and wine.

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