Premium Purples

Classic Dana Designs Bomb Pack from eBay (Mine is also purple, but a slightly different colorway)
I always think of the Dana Designs packs which were called “Blurple” – a cheerful hue lurking somewhere between blue and purple – as being my favorite color ever for technical baggage. Since those aren’t available aside from eBay, here’s a wide range of purple goods that have been catching my eye recently.
Gorgeous Skookum crew neck sweater. Japan-only, of course.

A towel that I shall never get to use.

Japan-only Filson Black Label jacket

Purple sweatshirt

Custom Chacos!

I know, I know. Couldn’t resist.

Japan-only Crescent Down Works vest

Japan-only Brady bag

3 thoughts on “Premium Purples”

  1. Chaco’s are my go-to shoes…and my 98′ Dana is still going strong.

    Where did you get that sweatshirt? I could not see the tag.


  2. so if you stocked that skookum purple in men’s medium…i might buy it tomorrow. Just sayin’…..

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