Reader Recommendation: Fanno Saw Works

Archival Clothing reader Kyle wrote in to recommend the Fanno Saw Works. Here are his notes and photos:

I use a chainsaw for a living. Not necessarily for trees mind you but rather for homes. I cut holes in roofs for ventilation during structure fires. My personal chainsaws match my occupation’s with the exception of bar length and pitch. But nine times out of ten I choose a handsaw for work around home.

I’ve used a Fanno Saw Works No. 22 for as many years and it has never failed me. It is a curved, pull cutting saw that is both self feeding and self cleaning. I have yet to sharpen the saw and it cuts great.

Sweet-gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) trees are a popular landscape tree in my neighborhood. They are worth their weight in gold for shade in the summer and fall color. But their little mace-like balls can be a burden and they can be known to suddenly drop large branches. Such was the case this weekend when I came home from work and found a large branch in my neighbors driveway. It took two tools, my Fanno No.22 and a Felco No. 2 pruning shear, and a half hour and the branch was cut up and in the green waste bin.

I (Tom) have used Fanno folding saws for trail work, and can’t recommend them enough, either. They’re durable, compact, aggressive, and safe to throw in a backpack. Highly endorsed!

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