Selling off bits of the archive: Bridgestone XO-1

In prep for a hypothetical move, and in order to balance my bike account, I’m selling off the first nice I’ve ever owned, a Bridgestone X0-1. This bike gained something of a cult following in the mid to late nineties, primarily for its unique graphics, hybrid design and striking moustache bars. Although I’ve always loved the look of this bike, it has never quite fit (first, I thought it was too big, and now I realize that it’s too small).

I’m the original owner and I doted on this bike like a pre-tween dolling up her barbie bmx with a plastic basket and pink spoke ornaments.

Going on the ebay auction block tomorrow night. Selling off big ticket items leads to a total “why not” mindset which encourages resale of all sorts of dearly held possessions: family heirlooms, fancy rangefinders, Broadway Playbills from Taboo and Sunday in the Park with George.

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