Shoe shopping from Bicycling, Circa 1980

A guest post by Archival Associate, Tom B.

Like Lesli, I pine for the ability to mail order from the past – just a single Montgomery Ward’s catalog would be acceptable. But I’m experiencing similar saudade as I leaf through Bicycling magazines from the early 1980s. The articles are fine, but it’s the advertisements that slay me. Imagine being able to buy a new Suntour Superbe gruppo! How about all those Avocet imports? Their re-branded Ofmega hubs and cranks are particularly tantalizing. And, even though I ride with clipless pedals, it’s the shoes in Bicycling that really make me wish that the advertised phone numbers would still link me to a pair of Bata Bikers for $14.95.

3 thoughts on “Shoe shopping from Bicycling, Circa 1980”

  1. It’s great to have a look back at those simpler, pre-carbon fiber times, just to keep things in perspective. These days, if you want some good old-time bike shoes, you have to look a bit upscale, for that athletic-inspired, relaxed yet sophisticated weekend look:

    Allen Edmonds “Peyton”

  2. You can still pick up deadsotck Bata’s (also had a brand called Power) on ebay. I did so about a month ago and LOVE them.

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