Shopping for the Apocalypse: Bicycles

Winter Bicycles (Chicago or Nuclear)

Kogswell Porteur w/solar protective hand gauntlets

Ready to go with 15 minutes notice

Portage for essential survival supplies

Now that I’ve finalizing my wardrobe for the apocalypse, I’m thinking through my selections for bicycle transportation (aside from dog buggies, are there any alternatives?).  Ever since Jan Heine published The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles, a visual history of French bicycle styles and builders, I’ve been a fan of the “porteur” style city bicycles. This 1947 Alex Singer is a stunner.  Throwing aside the need to deliver large volumes of newspapers around Paris, the porteur is the perfect bicycle for maintaining access to food and supplies while you’re on the go or on the run.

There’s also the option of the fixed gear cargo hauler that Rick and I test rode at Clever Cycles in portland, Oregon. The cargo hauler ould work pefectly for mission critical cargo transports as long as long as our post-apocalypitc condition does not take place in an overly hilly landscape.

A real role model.

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