Shopping from 1977 – Men’s Club Magazine

Per Peter Allen – Everything Old is New Again. I’ve been browsing through the pages of Men’s Club magazine from Japan. Who needs a costly Free & Easy subscription when everything about outdoor and inspired cycling garb has already been spelled out in 1977. Here are a few sample views:

I love the mixed view approach of Japanese magazines: model the fashion and then provide a beautifully arranged, spatialized shopping list of essential supplies. Even in 1977, Brooks saddles, lace up leather cycling shoes and French cyclo-tourist bags were the final word.

Makes sense to me – backpacking along the interstate. Don’t forget your flask and water filter.

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  1. Believe it or not, in 1983 Mens Club came to the prep school I attended and took photos of young american prepsters, including myself, and I ended up somewhere in the magazine. I had a copy for a while but lost track of it at some point. Fun stuff.

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