Shopping from 1981/82: Palo Alto Bicycles

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Birthday money in hand, I’ll be placing an order for some sueded Avocet touring shoes and hand crocheted, long fingered wool cycling gloves from the now defunct mail order company, Palo Alto Bicycles.

Thanks to zbillster for making vintage bike catalogues from Palo Alto Bicycles and Bikeology available through his flickr pages. Flipping through the endless selection of new old stock bike bits, I found an August clearance section with some questionable deals on Campagnolo Nuovo Record cranks (still spendy in 1976 @ 89.00 dollars) and Silca floor pumps (pricier in 1976 than now?).

Originally uploaded by zbillster

4 thoughts on “Shopping from 1981/82: Palo Alto Bicycles”

  1. Awesome. The my later issues of Bike World have PAB and Bikeology ads, including the coveted Herse-knockoff Sugino Maxy cranks.

    $89 in 1981 is about $215 today, which is about the same price as a 2008 Campy Record alloy crankset. The carbon line didn’t exist then, so consumers were denied the opportunity to spend $200 (1981) to save 10g. NOS Nuovo Record cranks usually go for a bit more than this on ebay.

  2. My mother always told me that if I liked it I should get it (and in more than 1 color), because they’re gonna stop making it…and then you’ll be sorry.

    I want those shoes.

  3. RD–

    I’m with the buy it now before it is no longer available camp. Trying to fathom which of the current mail order catalogs will produce this sort of purchasing regret twenty years from now. Certainly not Title 9, Home Trends or Colorado Cyclist.

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