Shopping from Bothell, Washington

Pre e-commerce, I used to gather all my Filson data through the paper brown pages of the David Morgan catalog. David Morgan still produces a catalog although the brown paper cover has been replaced with a plastic laminate. You may know the David Morgan catalog from those inch-wide advertisements in the back of the New Yorker, Smithsonian, Sunset magazines for Filson or Tilly hats.

Morgan catalog features it’s own photographs of Filson products and was one of the few places featuring discontinued items. They also sell a fine variety of related clothing and accessories including Devold Woolens, Bills Khakis, Aussie oilskins, wax dressing, Alpendale Corduroy and a many products made out of leather. Sara adores this braided kangaroo leather belt she bough from DM. She covets a black version. I’ve found that many of the items featured in the David Morgan catalog disappear (like the Alpendale cords, original version Develod zip-ups and various). S

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