Shopping from ebay: Alden surgical boots

Of all the Alden models, the surgical or monkey style boot style is my favorite. Sold as part of Alden’s line of medical footwear, these boots are overshadowed by their more popular work boot brethern (aka the Indy boot).

Truth be told, I’ve never seen the Alden surgical boots in person. I just like how they photograph. Here are some handsome looking deadstock pairs from Japan:

I love how they resemble vintage, high top, lace to toe athletic shoes from the 1920s:

Alden surgical boots are difficult to source. Alden has stopped customizing shoes for individual customers. Here’s a rare ebay auction for a pair in size 6. Part of my Archival project is to sift and capture more ebay photos of archival finds (per Reference library‘s “items I did not buy”). I love the random backdrops (bed sheets!) and attempts at Muybridge scientific documentation that appear in auctions for personal artifacts. This is a good example:

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