7 thoughts on “Shopping from February 1976: Rollei pocket cameras, alpine hiking boots, Woolrich clothing, Billy Buck sweaters, X-C chic and sew-it yourself anoraks”

  1. I just got a bunch of deadstock late 70’s Frostline Kits, sew it yourself goosedown vests/jackets from ebay…next a sewing machine-nice post.

  2. I coveted those leather Raichle boots as a child. I dreamed they’d be my first pair. Unfortunately, I got Raichle cloth ones. They did last forever, but the color scheme was tragic.

  3. Somewhat like Diplomatica, I aspired to full leather hiking boots for summer camp but ended up with Nike brand, rainbow flair, 80s-eram “going outside” boots. Where have all the vintage Danner and Raichle boots gone?

    And perhaps it’s time to revive sew it yourself kits as a form of home commerce for those of us who do not knit.

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