Shopping from flickr: Ebisu Bicycles

If there were a “buy it now” function on flickr, this Jitensha Ebisu bike and its custom Co.Ltd guu-watanabe luggage would be mine (instead of an empty flickr “favorite”):

More photos here

In lieu of a new Ebisu, I’ve been vicariously making bicycle purchases through friends in search of more budget minded options including a Kogswell P/R and a super functional Breezer Uptown 8 (set up as a single speed commuter).

Newswire: For interested parties who might not follow the Rivendell Bicycle Works Peeking Through the Knothole web log, Grant P. announced a new line of bike luggage to be designed and produced by a US-based team made up of individuals who used to work for Coach and Dooney & Bourke.

11 thoughts on “Shopping from flickr: Ebisu Bicycles”

  1. Ebisus are lovely bikes. Elegant and designed for all rounder work. The gigantic front bag is cool, too. My only issue with that particular bike is the down tube shifters. I know that the Rivendell tribe is against gratuitous shifting, but the ergonomics of down tube shifters suck. Velo Orange should have their waxed canvas front bag out soon.

  2. You don’t like down tube shifters?! That’s what I’m running on my Riv rando bike. I was even taught a specialized way of right hand only shifting by my local bike mechanic. For my next frame, I might consider going back to bar-ends…but no ergo shifting for me!

  3. Skvidal–

    It was an economy shop refurb. I think the shop stripped off the internal hub and lighting system for another project bike. My friend was able to get the existing set-up (plus a three speed sturmey archer wheel to be built later) for under $400. I think the current Breezer Uptowns are now over $1k!

    Three other friends have the Uptown Breeze with full lighting set-up for use as their primary commuters.

    Very nice bike.

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