Hilton's Tent City
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Shopping from Hilton’s Tent City

Over Thanksgiving, I finally made it up to the mecca of dusty gold that is Tent City. If you’re in Boston and even remotely considering buying any kind of outdoor gear, do yourself a favor and go bug Jason and the gang.

I dropped off a small shipment of Archival Clothing bags and belts, and then Jason gave me a tour.

My jaw dropped lower every time Jason opened another hidden door, or dug into another crumpled cardboard box, or pulled another something amazing down from a nail.

Tent City was started in the 1940s as an army surplus store, but soon expanded into civilian outdoor gear. Now they carry a remarkable selection of modern gear, but look between the hangers and you’ll find some pretty special stuff.

I grew up going to the old downtown McKenzie Outfitters and Berg’s Ski Shop in Eugene, and Hilton’s had a similar feel – four floors jammed with tents, bags, jackets, new stock, dead stock, you name it. They even had a dead stock pair of the same Aku boots that I’ve had for ten years (and will soon need to replace).

I walked away with a jacket I had been saving up for and a hat that took me by surprise. Be sure to visit Tent City next time you’re in Boston!

6 thoughts on “Shopping from Hilton’s Tent City”

  1. Oh yeah!

    Once I was in there when some Australian came in (judging by the languages and accents you hear there they have quite the cosmopolitan following) and blurted out “It’s like Aladdin’s cave!”

  2. Velouria,

    It’s down by North Station.
    I’m in Boston, too…
    anyhow, I got a great pair of Chippewa boots there ca. 10 yrs ago– I still wear them– the leather holds up great (with frequent applications of Montana Pitch beld)

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