Shopping From Photographs: Home Furnishings

In a month or so, Sara and I will be moving into our new home in the long forgotten (fictional?), mid-century development of Ellendale. Since we do not have much spare cash for home furnishing we’ll be shopping primarily from Hollywood Noir and old photographs. Pictured is a favorite shot of Sara in a Manhattan apartment we’d both love to occupy. I’ll take the leather club chair and school turntable (artwork can stay on the walls).

3 thoughts on “Shopping From Photographs: Home Furnishings”

  1. Lesli,

    Welcome to Ellendale! I did a google search recently and came upon your blog entry. I am AJ and I publish the Ellendale website. My partner and I moved into the neighborhood in March and love it. We are hopeful that a renewed interest in mid century architecture will spur a revitalization of the neighborhood.

    I am continuing my research and will likely be back at scanning the microfiche at the UO Knight Library soon.

    Kind Regards,

    -AJ Fisher

  2. AJ–

    Thanks so much for the Ellendale site. I think we’ve identified your house from your blog. We’ll be working hard to bring our new place back up to vintage standards. But what are we going to do with all the rusting Ford 150s in the neighborhood?

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