Shopping From the Amish: Leerbug dog leashes and collars

After a disappointing experiment with Filson dog products (all returned for store credit due to wet weather durabilty issues), I switched over to the the Amish-made leashes and collars sold by Leerburg Kennel and Video in Wisconsin. If you’re squeamish about how police and protection dogs are trained, you might squint your eyes and avoid links to products like bite sticks, bite pillows and muzzles. But Leerburg sells all sorts of family pet relevant supplies as well as an amazing range of training videos (though I prefer my mid-Eighties, VHS version of the basic Leerburg dog obedience course which features the main trainer–a total dog training savant–wearing some choice vintage fashions).=”http:>

3 thoughts on “Shopping From the Amish: Leerbug dog leashes and collars”

  1. Speaking of shopping from the Amish, are you familiar with Billykirk? I got my husband a gorgeous bag form them a couple years ago and I’m totally taken with their designs. You might like them. Worth a look at billykirk.com

  2. Sulu–

    Haven’t seen the Billykirk stuff before but looking forward to exploring their site.


    Per your suggestion, I’ll be posting a second (and third?) entry on archival dog products (jackets and beds).

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