Shopping From The Movies

Shopping From the Movies: A Woman Under the Influence

Netflix ought to facilitate a way for people to purchase props and costumes directly out of a film scene. Tonight we’re watching John Cassavetes’ brilliant Gena Rowlands vehicle, A Woman Under the Influence.

Since we’ve seen this film at least ten times we’re primarily focusing on Gena Rowland (rather, Mabel Longhetti)’s hand gestures (for future imitation) and wardrobe. Though most people would immediately purchase Mabel’s first outfit–a paisley cocktail tunic–we’re holding out for the film’s second offering–a sporty grey knit zip cardigan and miniskirt combo which she wears while waiting for her children to arrive home by schoolbus (we’d actually keep the cardigan and return the mini).

Of course, we shun the second tier discount rack offerings sported by the unhelpful “bird” or biddy woman who shares the scene with Mabel (refusing to give her the literal time of day).

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  1. well we may just have to amend our plans for Sat and add in a few estate sales. you would be surprised by some of the wollen and linen goods to be found up here.

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