Shopping From the NAHBS 08

Since most of the frames at the NAHBS 08 have been well blogged and documented on flickr, I thought I’d note an unexpected, non-bike highlight of the show: the Brooks Barbican messenger bag (only one other tagged photo on flickr). Despite the redundant Brooks brand logo across the front flap, this is one of the nicest, new construction, non field-and-game type waxed cotton bags I’ve ever seen. The Brooks product rep wanted to direct our attention to the patented features of the sam brown style shoulder strap/belt but I was mostly taken by the bag’s heavy waxed cotton construction and twin leather air flow (!) dimples.

Main disappointments: the bag makes use of one of those terrible, sliding leather pads which never quite sit right on the shoulder. Also, it retails for the inexplicable sum of 425.00 usd!

Add it to your shopping cart here.

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