Shopping from the past – Beautlieu Super 2008s

Although I love shopping from the past I feel burdened by my current archives.  I’m tortured in that I feel like it is my responsibility to carry every analog sound record, sentimental photogrph, vintage bag or obsolete technology into the future.  Most of my belongings only have sentimental,and visual, value.  I’m starting to practice a form of catch and release whereby I document the artifact and than rehome it to a thrift or ebay
  One of my current possessions is a beautiful, non functional, Beaulieu 2008s Super 8 camera.  The camera battery went kaput over a decade or more.  But I still keep the camera around because it is a work of art.  Inspired by A Restless Transplant, I’m trying to downsize my collection.  I just wish there was a rescue program available where beloved film cameras, unplayed LPs, and print post cards from East Berlin could be rehomed.
 save and schlep even tiniest scrap of paper into the future. 

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