Shopping from the Past: Duxbak Jackets


It may be the wrong time of year to be thinking about jackets, hunting, or hunting jackets, but we can’t help ourselves. Archival reader Burhan sent us some shots of his new-to-him Duxbak, to which he wisely added wool knit cuffs (an Archival favorite) and a few inside pockets.

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My father found a great old Drybak at a Eugene garage sale. If I get wool cuffs put on, I hope to use it duck hunting this winter, but in the meantime it’s entrusted to a farrier friend‘s safekeeping. Note the heavy construction and Binghamton, NY origin – that’s our pal Matt‘s hometown.8615919367_2b02edd596_b8615918807_846f838795_b8617022244_981dba9639_b


For another odd duck hunting jacket from the archives, see Lesli’s post on her Beretta.

2 thoughts on “Shopping from the Past: Duxbak Jackets”

  1. What I’ve always liked about Duxbak is the ladies’ wear. If I can get the time machine going, I’ll have to stop by Archer, Combs, and Winters on Oak Street on my lunch hour some time.

  2. I love hunting coats, I always have. I especially liked perusing through racks of them in thrift stores when they were $25 because nobody thought anything of them.

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