Shopping from the Past: Poirier Pack Sacks

The auction for an original Poirier pack sack from 1882 continues on ebay. The buy it now price has been reduced from six figures to a reasonable $44,000. If that price seems steep, consider ordering a 1918 edition of the same basic bag directly from the Poirier Tent & Awning Co. “For motor or hike, it’s equally serviceable, commodious and dependable.” If you send away for Pack Sack literature, inquire about the fur-lined sleeping bags. I would love to see photographs and reprint a reader’s field review.

1 thought on “Shopping from the Past: Poirier Pack Sacks”

  1. The joy of the tumpline …when I was a kid every summer was spent canoeing and tripping in the Ontario wilderness. We would often find ourselves carrying the Duluth packs 2 to 9 km across rugged trails 50-80 lbs of pack on a kid 80-120 lbs. That tump line cut into the scalp..you could often hear your hair tearing…but its real purpose was to increase the amount of weight our little bodies could bear…the only worse thing was the wannigan…dont ask


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