Shopping from the present: Cooperstown Ball Cap Co.

Tom sporting the short brimmed 1927 Portland Beavers Cap

Last March I lamented the loss of the Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. To my relief, Cooperstown has resurfaced with a new focus on caps from minor league and non-professional leagues. Cooperstown Ballcap Co. manufactures reproduction caps from bygone eras using original methods and materials. These caps are made from a sturdy wool flannel and feature a soft leather sweatband, just like the originals. Sized for a true fit, with a 3 inch brim. Because of our Northwest heritage, we have reissued the following caps from the Pacific Coast League: the Portland Beavers (1927 & 1956) and Seattle Rainiers (1941 & 1956).

To order, visit the AC web shop.

Best quality wool flannel

Pacific Coast League caps from the original Cooperstown catalog

4 thoughts on “Shopping from the present: Cooperstown Ball Cap Co.”

  1. Andy – Their website is perpetually hosed. They assure us it’ll be operational this fall, so keep your fingers crossed.

    We find the logos to be half the fun with these, but perhaps in our next order we’ll add a few blank slates for the minimalists out there!

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