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Shopping from the UK – Carrier Company

I just stumbled across Carrier Company, a terrific looking heritage clothing manufacturer out of the UK. Like their more famous, Norfolk counterparts, Old Town Clothing, Carrier Company manufacturers high quality, 100% cotton  jackets, vests and smocks that take their design cues from the past but have been updated with a slightly more modern fit.  Browse the Carrier site for a range of rural garb sized for both for men and women.  Here are a few of my favorite models:
DSC_7339   traditional-norfolk-slop-1-large


norfolk-work-jacket-7-large  DSC_7370

3 thoughts on “Shopping from the UK – Carrier Company”

    1. Thanks, Jason. I am a fan of Yarmo as well. What I like about British workwear is that it still relatively affordable.. and very well made. I’ve spent so much time admiring Japan only repro brands that I forget that such sturdy garments still exist.

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