Shopping From Westminster: Poodles and Affenpinschers

Cruising network television for my next dog (to sit beside Irving, the hand puppet, on my AM console radio). Martha was in the audience at Westminster but she seems pretty focused on French Bulldogs–so no concerns that she’s going to scoop me on my most discovery of the world’s greatest dog breed, the Affenpinscher. I’ve included views of a few other candidates for the archive.

8 thoughts on “Shopping From Westminster: Poodles and Affenpinschers”

  1. I have an Affenpinscher. They are the most delightful breed ever. They are not the brightest lightbuld in the chandelier, but they are more fun than the simians they resemble! If you do decide that you want to be an Affen owner, please buy from a reputable breeder—or better yet—perhaps you can fall in love with one of the little ones posted at: http://www.affenrescue.org/.

  2. Thanks for the info. Surprised by how few breeders there seem to be in US. If you have a recommended breeder–send along some info.

    Maybe rescue would be the best option.

  3. Affens are great breed! Very protective, affectionate, and beware, they can be barkers. They don’t shed, they are a terrific size and they are so easy to care for. We lost our Affen Finnigan last Sept. Boo-hoo.

  4. Oh yeah, his ears didn’t get docked and it was adorable. If you want to see what it looked like, I’ll send pics. And I thought he was one of the smartest dogs ever. And I’ve had a number of breeds.
    There, I’m done.

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