Special Release – Archival x Upstate

Our friends Kalen and Astrid from Upstate have hand-dyed a very limited run of long sleeve tees for us! Using meticulous accordion folds, lots of twine, and scrunching, the two use a colorfast indigo-hued dye, so like all of our shirts, you can wash and dry them normally.

Kalen says:
“Based in Brooklyn, Kalen and Astrid make garments utilizing their own take on shibori and dip dyeing. Shibori is a Japanese tradition of dyeing cloth using several different methods of binding, folding, or compressing the fabric. Small changes in the combinations of binding and dyeing create an endless array of patterns and textures.”

Made with our Archival long sleeve tees (made in Portland, OR). Hand-dyed in Brooklyn, NY. Each piece is absolutely unique. Extremely limited quantities. Get yours here!

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