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Archival Field Trip – Wistful Shopping at Al’s Attire

February 6th, 2010

Al’s Attire, found in the Italian neighborhood of San Francisco, is a full-custom experience. They can make-to-measure or make a new garment from scratch, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit on your wingtip boots, railroad jacket, or shawl-collared peacoat. It was pretty stupendous stuff – absolutely unquestionable quality, gorgeous details, and lovely materials.

I fell pretty hard for this monkey-fitting railroad jacket, made with deadstock herringbone denim. After careful consideration, I figured that I’d better pay the rent rather than buy the jacket, so we went off to bury my sorrows in tiny, almond-flavored cookies and a massive mille feuille at a nearby Italian bakery.

Full flickr set on Al’s Attire here.

Archival Field Trip: San Francisco (1/2010)

February 2nd, 2010

by Lesli Larson

Archival Clothing made a quick trip to San Francisco over the weekend to see friends, visit shops, show bags and attend Andrea Marcovicci’s Johnny Mercer tribute. As it were, our visit corresponded with the opening of MAN UP, a menswear pop-up store on Market St. In the next few posts, we’ll document our finds. For now, here’s a quick visual review.

PDX Field Report (12/12/09)

December 14th, 2009

by Lesli Larson

We planned for a day’s worth of errands in Portland. But an ice storm kept us in town through Sunday. Rather than pursue our standard routines, we followed our friend Sarah G., a Portlander, to her favorite places. I’m supplementing the usual AC footage of wool and waxed cotton with new images of salt, patent leather and silver.

Portland Farmer’s Market

Portland Filson


Pine State Biscuit

Stand Up Comedy

Immortal Piano

Sara Barner @ Una

Schwinn Sprint @ City Bikes

Filson Double Mac @ Stumptown

Packing from Archival Clothing

November 18th, 2009

by Lesli Larson

I’m preparing for a brief field trip up to Seattle. I’ll be visiting friends and checking out Blackbird’s pop-up Ballard store, The Field House.

Rather than packing the usual uniform (Levi’s, loafers and St. James sweaters), I’m sourcing my wardrobe from garments and accessories previously featured on Archival Clothing. Although I’d love to say that I’m bringing all USA-made goods, my selections for this trip are mainly UK brands . My hypothetical wardrobe features shoes by Crockett and Jones, perfectly tailored blazers and knickers from Holland & Holland and jackets by Beretta, Barbour and Hoggs of Fife (a jacket for every Northwest weather condition). At the moment, my shopping options for top quality, nicely fitting shirts for women is limited to my paper doll Holland & Hollands and a thrifted JCrew haberdashery shirt (not pictured). Please send along future packing suggestions for Gitman Bros. or Our Legacy type shirts sized for women.

Inspired by this 1919 demonstration of transformative wardrobes, I’m trying to identify a single clothing item that would generate multiple travel outfits (from Thursday through Sunday).

From formal clothing to sports wear in no time (Nationaal Archief)

Here’s what I’ve packed so far. I still need to edit my selections down to a single jacket and carry-all:

Barbour Urban Transport jacket

Hoggs of Fife & Beretta Maremmana jackets

Holland & Holland knickers, blazers and shirting

Crockett and Jones lace-up ankle boots and brogues

Brady & Hunting World travel bags

For some reason, one of my favorite travel bag brands, Bertram Mann, lacks a web presence and produces zero results in a Google image search. I’ll leave this space blank to illustrate the Bertram Mann weekender bag I’ll be using to pack up these outfits.

Danner Factory Store Revisited

November 9th, 2009

Danner Mtn Lites (Japan model on left, stock US model on right)

DJ Dakatons in orchid and green

1970s era Danner refurb (nfs)

Aspirational footwear via Ku:nel magazine

On Sunday, to cap off a long day at Ikea, we visited the Danner Factory Store in Portland, Oregon. A Restless Transplant and I have already reported on the DFS. In essence, if you show up at the right time, you’ll find factory seconds from the Japan-only Danner Japan (“DJ”) collection mixed in with standard issue military, law enforcement and fire jumper boots.

We intended to spend only a few minutes looking, but for once there were boots in our sizes. The store closed and we lingered, trying to decide between the various models. One of us is now the proud owner of a pair of Horween chromexel DJ Mountain LT.

I may be returning to the Danner store next weekend (11/14). So, if you’re dead certain of your Danner size, and fall in the available size range (Women’s 5-6.5, and some larger sizes; Men’s 6-10, 12-15), I may be able to help connect you with a pair of these amazing boots. Email me and we can talk.

In turn, if you stop by the store, keep an eye out for men’s size 6 (euro 39) DJ Mountain Lights in this colorway. I’m also stalking these styles (yet to been seen at the DFS).