Archival Field Trip: San Francisco (1/2010)

by Lesli Larson

Archival Clothing made a quick trip to San Francisco over the weekend to see friends, visit shops, show bags and attend Andrea Marcovicci’s Johnny Mercer tribute. As it were, our visit corresponded with the opening of MAN UP, a menswear pop-up store on Market St. In the next few posts, we’ll document our finds. For now, here’s a quick visual review.

7 thoughts on “Archival Field Trip: San Francisco (1/2010)”

  1. Lesli; what is the story on the brown duck vest pictured… the button “placket” (right word??) must be a trad’ stitchjob as a separate vest I found had the same swooping set up… thx

  2. Vest by Rising Sun & Co. Looks a bit from the front like an original Filson hunting jacket. Back has a cinch waist rather than a game pocket (a detail I’d revise). Here’s a full post (below)on the vest from the Rising Sun blog. I have additional photos I’ll post for my own feature length report. I nearly bought the vest in small but am holding out for a future version for women (vest puckered a bit under the arms).


  3. I recently came across your blog and love it. Didn’t know anything about the Man Up in SF.. darn! cause I live here, actually I work for Blue Bottle Coffee Co. thanks for coming by the farmers market. I hope you enjoyed your coffee. nice pic of Kelsey manning the drip bar.
    I also publish a little blog of my own
    take care and thanks for the wonderful blog!

  4. Rising Sun & Co do great repairs on vintage denim gear here in Pasadena CA also…using ancient era specific sewing machines to match stitching etc.

  5. Thanks for throwing some pics of the Man Up market Lesli! It was great having you guys down here.

    Kate- Don’t you worry. There will be more opportunities to Man Up in the future!

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