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Archival Graduation

June 3rd, 2015



Archival Sweatshirt Salt and Pepper On body

This week Archival loses two of our favorite creative contributors, Kristina Parker and Tyler Rogers, to graduation.  The pair will be moving from Eugene to NYC to start new jobs in design and advertising. Over the past year, Kris and Tyler have applied their creative talents to Archival’s spring lookbook, logo decal designs and motion themed video (shot by their friend and photographer, Grant Lemon).  This team will be sadly missed. We wish them the best of luck and hope to reconnect during our next Brooklyn lookbook shoot.

As for graduation gifts, we recommend our Archival Sweatshirts (modeled by Kris and Tyler) which are nicely sized for both men and women.

A few more grad gift suggestions from the team:


We love following the Instagram feed osamu19760714 whose documentation of everyday ensembles inspires us to wear more khaki, untuck our shirts, layer up and update our cap and canvas sneaker collection.  Osamu’s feed frequently features Archival garb and bags including this economical, canvas duck Zip Pouch carried as a casual, summertime attache.


You don’t have to be a cyclist to find a use for this handsome and durable Archival Tool Roll. Fill up the six pockets with everything from drafting pencils and paint brushes to multi-tools or a small Opinel. Perfect for artists, hobbyists and students. Made from waxed cotton gridwax canvas, with heavy-duty features including bias-tape bound edges, bartacking at stress points, high quality brass hardware and a leather lace.


We encourage every grad to launch out on an overseas adventure. Our rugged Archival Rolltop Messenger is a terrific traveling companion. Rugged, durable waxed twill deflects the elements while the wide, adjustable shoulder strap (made from custom, mil spec cotton web), makes the bag comfortable to wear while touring museums or walking through the country.

Refab – Archival Rolltop Messenger as motorcycle saddlebag

March 1st, 2015

Many years ago, I featured a gent who refashioned his Filson Small Field Bag into a handlebar bag for his Rivendell Rambouillet road bike. Alex Forsythe, owner of Analog Records in Orange County, sent me photos of his own retrofit of an Archival Rolltop Messenger into motorcycle panniers for his Triumph Motorcycle. Read his project notes on the projects at the bottom of this post. Refrub photos by Stefan Junir.

Here are Alex’s notes on his Archival Rolltop Messenger refurb project: “I actually stole the idea of using a field type bag as a saddle bag from Blair of General Quarters in LA. He has a set of Filson field bags that he attaches to his bonnie sometimes. I rode up to his shop and got to talking with him about doing the same with my bike. The difference with his bike is a black seat versus the brown leather I have on mine. Your lager roll top bag matched much better with my seat and also seemed to be a better option for weather. The wax being a smart move with potential water hitting the bag and the roll top for protecting whats inside. Blair ordered the messenger roll top for me and took it to his (I think) shoe repair guy. He sewed two leather lash points on the back for me to attach leather straps and secure it to my bikes frame. I found 2 small leather straps with buckles and voila! I’m super happy with how it came out. The bag is perfect size for riding to work. I often carry my laptop and sometimes even records in it.”

If you have creatively carved up your own Archival bag for a unique use application, send us photos and we’ll feature you on the blog.

Update – Archival Rolltop Messenger

August 18th, 2014

If you have ever browsed our grid of bags you might be overwhelmed by the range of available styles – from Rucksacks to Rolltops to Flap Musettes, etc.  Most folks identify Archival with our original Archival Rucksack or Archival Rolltop. While both bags are terrific carryalls, I am starting to direct customers to our recently released Archival Rolltop Messenger.  Intended as a sizable daily workhorse, our Roll Top Messenger takes design cues from our Roll Top and technical cycling bags, but is executed in our top-grade range of natural materials.  This is an ideal bag for the cyclist, motorcyclist, fisherman, or anyone else who needs a burly shoulder bag that’s extremely weather-resistant.  It’s also the perfect bag for students contemplating a satchel for campus carry.
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