Update – Archival Rolltop Messenger

If you have ever browsed our grid of bags you might be overwhelmed by the range of available styles – from Rucksacks to Rolltops to Flap Musettes, etc.  Most folks identify Archival with our original Archival Rucksack or Archival Rolltop. While both bags are terrific carryalls, I am starting to direct customers to our recently released Archival Rolltop Messenger.  Intended as a sizable daily workhorse, our Roll Top Messenger takes design cues from our Roll Top and technical cycling bags, but is executed in our top-grade range of natural materials.  This is an ideal bag for the cyclist, motorcyclist, fisherman, or anyone else who needs a burly shoulder bag that’s extremely weather-resistant.  It’s also the perfect bag for students contemplating a satchel for campus carry.
rolltop-messenger-58resize  rolltop-messenger-64resize rolltop-messenger-62resize


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