Shopping From Japan

Snap scroll: @junkystyle_

Counter programming against Black Friday, I like to rapid scroll through the web shops of the Japanese apparel accounts I follow on Instagram. I know the lag delay of Google translating product descriptions and sizing charts will put the brakes on impulse buying one more chore coat that I don’t need. Instead, I grab screen …

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Shopping From The Present

Shopping from 2020

At the end of 2019, I’m still following the Archival Resolutions I set out for myself at the start of the decade. My favorite has always been resolution #4: “Shop from yourself and from thrift shops. Repurpose strategic items from the past.” In the past year, I’ve been trying to shop more from myself and …

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Shopping From Japan Shopping From The Present

Patchwork Dreams

I spotted this patchwork chore coat from Tigre Brocante last Fall. Unfortunately, a half year later, the jacket (nicely styled for men and women), has disappeared from the site.  You may not be able to buy this jacket, but you can still mimic the look. Check out Corridor’s Duck Dyed Overshirts (on sale) as a worthy, patch-free alternate. …

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Shopping From the Past

Shopping from the US Patent Office – Pruner’s Coat

  Ever since UO Digital Arts professor, Craig Hickman, published Apparatus, his clever homage to US Patent Gazette drawings, I’ve been obsessed with browsing the patent archives for long lost product ideas. I’ve amassed a large collection of patent illustrations, primarily focusing on bags, garments and bicycling gear. Here’s a recent, favorite find: a special …

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Archival Field Trip: NYC/Brooklyn (Pt 1)

Bobby Short portrait at the Cafe Carlyle. Soon after we landed we headed over to the Carlyle for a dinner show featuring OFAM favorite, John Pizzarelli and his wife Jessica Molaskey. Jonathan Schwartz was in the audience.  Tom, Sara and I breakfasted in Brooklyn with Matthew from the William Brown Project. Pratt campus. We wanted …

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