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Catch and Release: Mister Freedom Chore Coats

Posted on: July 18th, 2018 by Lesli Larson

For gents, there is no shortage of chore coats in fascinating cuts and fabrics. Here are a few of my faves on offer (and on sale) from Mister Freedom (via Self Edge). Also, I need to know: who is this handsome, bearded, deadpan, denim fit model? What memory traces does he carry, having worn so many amazing, high dollar workwear garments over the years? What is his daily (after hours) uniform?

Mister Freedom Belleville – Covert Stripe

Mister Freedom Belleville Jacket – Covert Stripes

Mister Freedom Belleville Jacket

Mister Freedom Conductor Jacket


  1. Cameron on

    Love that you’re posting more. Thank you!

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