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Archival Field Trip: Filson Seattle

November 24th, 2009

by Lesli Larson

I’ve been visiting the Seattle Filson store since its factory and showroom were located on 1st Avenue, current site of Safeco Field. Though I’m intimate with the product line (past and present), I still like to stop by and inspect items first hand. Things that you ignored in the catalog might surprise you in person. For example, we were impressed by this lightweight merino wool t-shirt:

I’m told that Filson will be expanding its line of merino tops to include different weights of wool. Before adding new styles, I’d like to see Filson offer this simple, short sleeved tee in sizes for women. Sara would prefer it to be long enough to tuck in with slim fitting short sleeves (not cap).

I always worry when an outdoor clothing company introduces a product line for pets. I’ve already ordered and returned the tin cloth dog bed because I didn’t think it was up to Filson standards (plastic zipper, dry finish fabric, unlined insert). But the Filson dog coat, made from shelter cloth fabric backed with thick red plaid wool, is a well designed, well made, Filson-worthy product.

Earlier this summer, I posted about the new Filson Upland Jacket for women. For the first time, Filson has duplicated/scaled down an item from their men’s product line for the women’s collection (same pocketing, same cut, same fabric as the men’s waterfowl jacket). Having tried on the jacket, it’s now on my wish list.

I love this display table. I know Filson tailored these pants to showcase different fabric selections and trouser styles, but I’d like to think that Filson is encouraging customers to experiment with more daring, Japanese magazine inspired inseam lengths.

Sara really likes this Upland Vest for women. Pocketing and fit on the garment are superb. I’ve already inquired about a custom version made w/out the safety orange fabric (prognosis doubtful). I can see the vest getting daily use as work, town or dog park wear.

We chatted with this gent who wondered why I was shooting so many photos. I’d like to take some credit for his Tin Cloth Packer Coat purchase. I encouraged him to size down to a medium for a tighter monkey fit. He opted instead for a size large with extra long sleeves.

Here’s Sara’s revision of the new Filson Cascade Vest. The bland design is perked up by reversing the garment, making the quilted baffling visible. Adding a two-way zipper would further improve fit.

I love all the vintage garments on display. Some of these look like items I sold on ebay a few years ago.

A well used pair of Double Tin Bibs in for restoration.

I remain unconvinced by the western-wear style wool vest and Passage luggage line.

In Free & Easy, Filson coats and bags often appear in blue plaid. Sadly, this trend was not in evidence in the Seattle store.

Shopping from 2006: Boxfresh Vs Barbour

December 12th, 2008
Boxfresh X Barbour (High Snobiety)

This is old news from 2006, but I wanted to electronically document the collaboration between British streetwear designer Boxfresh and Barbour, since I’m assuming that there is no print catalog of this collection. For the record, I’m posting some e-commerce images as submissions to the archive for future reference (once the commercial links stop working and the items are no longer visible or available for sale).

From the Barbour news wire, a related article from The South Shields Gazette: Waxed jacket firm aims for celeb clients.

Shopping from Freeport, Maine

December 3rd, 2008

Maine Guide Wool Parka

Commando Sweater

Maine Guide Wool Vest

Maine Guide Wool Pants

River Driver’s Shirt

Maine Island Fisheries and Hunter’s Tote Bag

Maine Hunting Shoe, 16″
LL Bean Rubber Mocs

British Slip Lead

Bean’s Swiss Collar Bell

I know that LL Bean has been shopped to death, but one must prepare oneself for possible holiday gift certificates. If I were Bob Lee on a Freeport, Maine shopping spree, these are some of the items I might buy. Bean boots (hi and lo) for modulating muck levels in the dog park.

At Bean, I might also poke around the racks of Filson knock-off wool cruiser vests and possibly try on one of the waxed cotton down vests. But if someone gave me one as a gift, I’d return it and reinvest the funds in the superior version by McAlister (clearance priced!).

Archival Clothing with Dog

November 19th, 2008

Sara and Chaz
Filson Shelter cloth dog coat

Barbour waxed cotton dog jacket

New Zealand Rover Cozy merino wool dog coat

Chaz in his Viz-Vest

Snow Peak, purveyors of titanium sporks and luxury tent systems, offers a full compliment of companion dog accessories:

From a Google translation of the Snow Peak page: “The dog’s life, even for us brings great happiness.”

Tin Cloth Mondays: 11/13/06

November 14th, 2006

As unpaid rep for CC Filson, I’ve done very well for “my company” this week.

My indirect sales report:

One Filson Shelter cloth waterfowl hat
One Filson small carry-on bag

Note: purchases were made by non-woodsy, bookish, urban folk supporting their local timber/logging supply store, Roberts (rumor has it that we might even be in line for a special Christmas eve party at Roberts–details to follow).

Until Filson introduces a new product line for women, I’m relying on tin cloth Mondays to reignite my excitement over the Filson family of waxed fabric brands.

Today, I sported my classic tin jacket w/wool facing collar (a discontinued garment, I think). Though I’d love to report on the rain deflecting properties of this garment–my own lapsed rewaxing regimen caused the shoulder seams to leak. Scheduling a special viewing of the five disc Criterion edition of Fanny and Alexander so I can motivate myself to rewax the whole coat (a complicated process involving a blow dryer, old rags, an ironing board and a tin of wax warmed in a double boiler on the stove).