Tin Cloth Mondays: 11/13/06

As unpaid rep for CC Filson, I’ve done very well for “my company” this week.

My indirect sales report:

One Filson Shelter cloth waterfowl hat
One Filson small carry-on bag

Note: purchases were made by non-woodsy, bookish, urban folk supporting their local timber/logging supply store, Roberts (rumor has it that we might even be in line for a special Christmas eve party at Roberts–details to follow).

Until Filson introduces a new product line for women, I’m relying on tin cloth Mondays to reignite my excitement over the Filson family of waxed fabric brands.

Today, I sported my classic tin jacket w/wool facing collar (a discontinued garment, I think). Though I’d love to report on the rain deflecting properties of this garment–my own lapsed rewaxing regimen caused the shoulder seams to leak. Scheduling a special viewing of the five disc Criterion edition of Fanny and Alexander so I can motivate myself to rewax the whole coat (a complicated process involving a blow dryer, old rags, an ironing board and a tin of wax warmed in a double boiler on the stove).

4 thoughts on “Tin Cloth Mondays: 11/13/06”

  1. I know. It’s quite shameful. But seasonal wear and tear in Eugene is beginning to take a toll on my waxing habits and overall sense of optimism (which manifests itself in large scale reproofing efforts).

  2. I too have been neglectful in my filson waxing (leaky hat). I love that that tin cloth stands up on its own…Aaaand I just saw that waxed tin jacket with the wool collar at the place out on 6th st.

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