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For the record – Farmerette uniforms of WWI

September 28th, 2016

Browsing the Library of Congress Flickr photostream, I stumbled upon these amazing images of female Farmerettes, first participants in the Women’s Land Army of America. Further research revealed that from 1917-1919 these women supported the war effort by filling the agricultural labor gap at home. According to this fascinating article in the Smithsonian: “Most of these women had never before worked on a farm, but they were soon plowing fields, driving tractors, planting and harvesting. The Land Army’s ‘farmerettes’ were paid wages equal to male farm laborers and were protected by an eight-hour workday. For many, the farmerettes were shocking at first–wearing pants!–but farmers began to rely upon the women workers.” While I’m very familiar with the iconic, coveralls and kerchief look of Rosie the Riveter, I have never seen the WWI era uniforms issued to the “Land Lassies.” What strikes me in the first photo is how close the Farmerrete’s coveralls resemble something released by FWK Engineered Garments or Nigel Cabourn.

I’ll be digging deeper to secure more visual evidence of these women and the specific of their uniforms.

Questions: who manufactured the uniforms, what were the specific uniform requirements, were the uniforms region specific, and do any sample garments remain?









Archival field trip – (capsule) NYC

January 19th, 2014

Archival is in New York for (capsule) this week.   Nicole and I/Lesli spent the Saturday before the show checking in on a few favorite shopping haunts.  Our best find of the day was a navy duck, Engineered Garments Service Coat (half off at Nepenthes). Winter seems to be the time for sample sales and generous store discounts.  Armor Lux (my staple for stripes) is selling a large batch of made in France, cotton nautical tops for $39/each.   Here are a few low res snaps from our day trip.  More reports to come from (capsule) proper.  The full Archival team of Tom, Lynn, Nicole and Lesli will be assembling tomorrow to set up for the show.
















Archival Permanent – PDX

May 23rd, 2013

In Randonneuring, a perm is a permanent route you can schedule to ride at any time. On Saturday, I rode Michal Young’s scenic Alsea 200k loop with several friends from the Oregon Randonneurs. On Sunday, I dragged my friend Bruce up to Portland for what I would consider my favorite Archival shopping perm.  The loop starts somewhere around Eye Styles, migrates over to Little Tee for lunch followed by gabbing and gawking at Blake, coffee at Barista, more aspirational shopping at Lizard Lounge and than a post meal retreat to Cinema 21. Though I rarely make purchases on my perm, I  consistently catch and release the same evidential photos: Japanese eyewear, FWK Engineered Garments, heritage footwear,  denim and print ephemera from the movies.  Contact me if you wish to recreate my route.  I will provide you with a start time, a list of controls and a few informational questions to confirm that you followed the correct route.   Here is some evidence of participation from my weekend:

Theo taking a white line nap next to his lovely MAP custom 
Vanilla and Map randos outside John Boy’s Alsea Mercantile (via Theo Elliot)
Our rando mob (photo by Asta C.)
Bruce modeling Barton Perreira…
  …matching suede green Quoddy mocs
Croque Madame at Little Tee
Sport footwear check: Oak Street and Arche
Aspirational FWK at Blake
  A rare patch from the Jantzen swimwear company
Sam’s Yuketen boots 
Spot watch check: a Filson rep’s Marathon chronograph
Neil sampling frites and cidre at Irving Kitchen
Mildred Pierce at Cinema 21

Archivel Field Trip – Nepenthes NYC

January 31st, 2013

Last week, Archival dropped in on the Monday eve pop-up shop and Kenzo Minami gallery opening at Nepenthes, one of our favorite NYC shops.  Nepenthes was so packed that we were capsule released into the space in timed intervals.   In line, we bumped into a number of fellow Market Week participants who had also come to demonstrate their Engineered Garments brand fandom.  Here are a few snaps from the event and our follow up shopping expedition.



Fellow Oregonian – Bob from the Lizard Lounge

FWK Cruiser Jacket
Catch and release gauchos
Stunning, all canvas duck anorak

Skookum stadium jackets

Rare bird – McNairy Brogues for women
Current crush – Engineered Garments belted Storm Coat..

…expertly styled by Najee of Sir & Madame

Archival Envy – FWK EG Aviator’s Jacket

January 7th, 2013

My wardrobe comes from three places: Archival, thift shops and FWK Engineered Garments.  Since 2010, I’ve been buying carefully selected pieces from Engineered Garments line for women.  I’ve amassed Bedfords in wool and corduroy plus a rotating collection of work shirts in chambray and broadcloth.  Just when I thought I was set with staple pieces for the next decade, FWK released this amazing Aviator’s jacket as part of their Fall 2012 line.


I shy away from replica, military style jackets – especially those with excess straps, buttons and/or trim.  For civilian use, these features, though eye appealing, interfere with the simple, weather repelling, on-off demands of my daily commute.  As it were, the EG Aviator jacket pares the original military style down to its essential features.   

The jacket is made up of an outer shell of cotton/nylon rip stop fabric with an internal wool liner.   Despite all sandwich of fabrics, the jacket does not feel bulky or limit arm or body mobility.  Nylon ripstop keeps out the Oregon rain while the thin wool lining adds a comforting, chill abating layer. In use, the jacket has an amazingly sporty, body hugging quality.

My two favorite jacket features are the corduroy lined hand warmer pockets (not pictured!) and the knit cuffs trimmed in wool.  

Instead of a full storm flap, the FWK EG jacket comes with a snap front, semi storm flap.  Here, I love the visual bling of these three snaps but the sturdy, two way zipper has a tendency to catch on the flap when I zip up the jacket.

FWK EG is one of the brands that still inspires seasonal lookbook anticipation. Here’s a snap from a Japanese site showing how the jacket could be styled with additional, counterpunctual patterns and layers

Archival Jackets: FWK Engineered Garments Bedford (in linen)

July 14th, 2011

The FWK Engineered Garments Bedford is one of my (Lesli’s) favorite jackets. While the fabric changes each season, the cut, detail and fit remain the same. It’s July and I’m wearing a Bedford in slub linen. But I’m already looking forward to the corduroy version which will be available in August. As we’ve noted before, the Bedford brings to mind the Archival Clothing party doctrine that any garment in a line should be available in any fabric. Here’s the Bedford in linen:

Simple patch pocketing

Unstructured form

Scaled to fit women, the Bedford duplicates the styling of the gent’s version

Civilizing detail: spare buttons in two sizes

ST modeling a size 2 FWK Engineered Garments Bedford

EG’s own proposed summer ensemble for the Bedford

Here are my favorite stockists for the FWK Engineered Garments line: Boutique U & I (Montreal), Jack Straw (Seattle), Bows + Arrows and Envoy of Belfast (Ireland).