FWK Engineered Garments linen Bedford blazer
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Archival Jackets: FWK Engineered Garments Bedford (in linen)

The FWK Engineered Garments Bedford is one of my (Lesli’s) favorite jackets. While the fabric changes each season, the cut, detail and fit remain the same. It’s July and I’m wearing a Bedford in slub linen. But I’m already looking forward to the corduroy version which will be available in August. As we’ve noted before, the Bedford brings to mind the Archival Clothing party doctrine that any garment in a line should be available in any fabric. Here’s the Bedford in linen:

Simple patch pocketing

Unstructured form

Scaled to fit women, the Bedford duplicates the styling of the gent’s version
Civilizing detail: spare buttons in two sizes

ST modeling a size 2 FWK Engineered Garments Bedford

G’s own proposed summer ensemble for the Bedford

Here are my favorite stockists for the FWK Engineered Garments line: Boutique U & I (Montreal), Jack Straw (Seattle), Bows + Arrows and Envoy of Belfast (Ireland).

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